My Favourite quotes….

* A set of questions credited to Heilmeier that anyone proposing a research project or product development effort should be able to answer.[1] What are you trying to do? Articulate your objectives using absolutely no jargon.How is it done today, and what are the limits of current practice? What’s new in your approach and why do you think it will be successful?Who cares?If you’re successful, what difference will it make?What are the risks and the payoffs?How much will it cost?How long will it take?What are the midterm and final “exams” to check for success? ~George H Heilmeier(as found on wikipedia)

* “Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

* “Happily ever after” isn’t how it works. I don’t mean we can’t be happy. I mean it’s an insufficient description of “ever after” — “Look… part of the trick of doing the impossible is being selective about which impossibilities you challenge, and only trying when you have a special advantage. ~ Harry Potter (HPMOR)

* Many things are approximately normal in the middle but not in the tails. ~ @ProbFact(tweet)

* We who are traumatized are unpredictable, because we know we can survive. ~ Hannibal

* Being useful is hard. It means accepting people’s requirements. ~ Daniel Lemire

* “I don’t have to help you,” she said. “I’m not a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I’m done working for other people, answering their questions when I don’t want to. I work for me, and for everyone.” ~Dinah Alcott

* “So you’re following orders,” I said. “That’s the worst and scariest excuse in the world, really” ~Taylor Hebert”

* “Yes,” she said. Again, there was no hesitation. ”There’s no pretty, perfect answers, and concessions have to be made. Questions and issues on a greater scale mean more repercussions for failure, and they call for bigger concessions if we want to ensure success.” ~Miss Militia

* For long seconds, I couldn’t think, but could only experience,could only feel every part of my body hurt, aches and pains I didn’t know I had magnified by the jolt. ~Weaver(Skitter aka Taylor Hebert)

* Any device requires a great deal of upkeep. Time is spent tuning, calibrating, repairing and identifying problems.Each device created is something the tinker then has to take time to maintain,and mass production means the tinker becomes tech support more than an innovator. ~Defiant(Armsmaster)

* I’d learned things, but did that count for anything in the now, with tens, hundreds or thousands of individuals dying where they might have lived if we’d stayed? ~Weaver

* “Maybe not so. Maybe. But you have tried being cold. Killing the enemy, yes? Because ruthless is only way to win this war.”
~Phir se

* ““My old team wasn’t nearly as effective as you guys seem to be. But we operated in secret, we understood some key elements. The need for information, having to know when to go on the offense, being unpredictable against enemies who are already expecting you to try and catch them off guard.”

* “Faith works.” “I have none left, after ten years. No faith. We are a wretched, petty species, and we have been given power to destroy ourselves with.”
~Phir se

* “What merit is a gamble, a sacrifice, if you stake things that matter nothing to you?”
~Phir se

* “Favors make for a good currency,” the Doctor said.

* Wrong?” Kaiser chuckled, “As far as I’m concerned, the moment you need to fall back on morals to argue something, you’ve already lost the argument. This is war.” ~ Kaiser

* “My power kind of takes the mystery out of things. Relationships are hard to get off the ground unless you can get the ball rolling with a healthy dose of self delusion and lies.” ~Tattletale

* “See, I don’t think it’s the wrong power in the wrong hands,” Clockblocker said. “I think it’s a joke. Humanity destroys itself, and all these powers, they just open the door to let it happen.It’s not going to be some villain overlord or even a monster like Jack who does it.I’m more liable to believe the world ends because of some deluded, fat, pimply faced punk kid that lives off pizza and mountain dew.There’s no damn point to it, but sometimes I look at the idiots,the selfish assholes and the maniacs that fill this world and I think that’s all we deserve.”

* An explanation would suck. Give me a little hope.” ~Clockblocker

* Information overload during sex is squick.” ~TattleTale

* “Everything I’ve said in the past stands. Humans are idiots.They’re selfish and injust and unfair, they’re violent and clumsy and petty and shortsighted. Don’t get me wrong. Every part of that applies to me, too. I’m not setting myself above them on any level.” ~Taylor Hebert

* “Capes don’t retire,” Shadow Stalker said. “Doesn’t work. We die in battle or we lose our minds, one or the other.”

* “They say loneliness breeds the best masters, and it’s awfully lonely at the top,” Tattletale said.

* “Yes,” he sighed the word. “Yes. Of course. I’m mentally exhausted, I’m being stubborn.” ~Defiant

* “Don’t blame us for not taking your plans into account, when you don’t share your plans with anyone.” ~ Tattletale

* Sure, but you can’t have too many people with the lenses on the same team,or you look like you’ve got a theme, and only the lame-ass teams do that. ~Tattletale

* “Conceit is a good trait to have,” I said.“An overblown sense of one’s own abilities can be worthwhile, if you’re prepared to try to live up to it.”
~Taylor Hebert

* I really didn’t need any head games, intentional or otherwise.
~Taylor Hebert

* “Hey,” Imp said. “You’re not allowed to say nice things about people. You shot my brother with an arrow, messed with people I respect. I’ve been waiting for that cinematic moment when you and I find ourselves alone and I get my revenge. Don’t fucking dilute it by being nice.” ~Imp(Aisha )

* I had told myself I would rise above the likes of Sophia and Armsmaster. I was all too aware of their flaws, and first and foremost among them was arrogance, pride.So I’d swallowed mine. ~Skitter

* “No plan survives contact with the enemy,” Lung rumbled. “Foolish.”

* “The only authority you have is the authority people give you.” ~ Grue

* “We don’t have reason to trust you,” the Doctor said.“We’ve interacted, Weaver, I have a level of respect for you, but that doesn’t extend to equal measures of trust.You’re dangerous, and I can’t rule out that this is an assassination attempt.”

* Translation: pure denial. You don’t want to believe me.~ Taylor Hebert

* I could infer, rather than see, that he dropped a vial.It hit the ground and shattered, the contents splashing out onto the ground and the walls. ~Taylor Hebert

* The only ones here are me and my thoughts,” Sveta said. Her eyes were shut. “I am in control of my mind and my feelings, and I am focused. I am confident, and I am building towards a better future for myself. Every success is a component in building that up, a brick on a building in construction, but my mistakes do not tear it down. My mistakes do not tear it down. They are a part of me, but they are not the most important part of me. ~Sveta(Garrotte)

* “I’m not. Wussiness is being scared about something that isn’t scary.I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have a thing about shoddy constructions and drops from… oh… seventy stories up?” ~Alexandria(Pretender)

* It could upset him, more than he’s already been upset.Speaking as someone who recently recovered the thing I want most in the world,the only thing scarier than the idea of losing that thing is the reality of what I’d do for revenge. ~Marquis

* There’s a strength in knowing who you are. I would suggest that everyone play to that knowledge.Reflection, after all, is the province of the old.It’s in your final days that you sum up your experiences, weigh the good against the bad,think back to the pivotal moments, and decide if you’ve made your mark.Others go through this sooner, the terminally ill. Those that expect to die. ~Marquis

* Let’s just say you make a decision by yourself, and then you use others to get help carrying it out. That’s not really you asking for help, is it? ~TattleTale

* The world didn’t fucking make sense. People didn’t make sense. I’d been railing against it from the beginning. ~Skitter(After that fatal brain surgery?)

* I knew this fear well. It was a fear that was all too easy to fall into when one’s focus was too narrow. To be caught up in an environment, facing down a relentless torrent of negative experiences. Even the minor things added up, if you couldn’t step back to look at things in perspective. ~Damaged Skitter(on Scion)

* I’d seen good people go bad, couldn’t trust anyone. ~Damaged Skitter

* And you’re acting like I should be able to read something in your silence. The problem is that speech needs periods of silence to be intelligible, to separate the words and keep it from being a steady drone of noise. To frame it. The opposite is true. To find the meaning in what’s left unsaid, we need words to punctuate it. ~Jessica Yamada

* What goes unsaid eventually goes unthought. ~Steve Sailer

* Real is a matter of perception ~ Peter Bishop(Fringe)

* When men achieve paradise in this life, the result is inevitable: They go soft, lose their skills, their edge.
~ZenSunni(Dune series)

* He thinks such deep thoughts, he needs a second lifetime just to finish them off.
~Ludd se(Thief of Time)

* Cold so cold that it met heat coming the other way around.
~Kaos(Thief of Time)

* In order to have a change of fortune at the last minute, you have to take your fortune to the last
~Death(Thief of Time)

* you cannot plan better than you can predict.
~ VGR(Breaking Smart)

* Under conditions requiring fast growth and lower limits on power required, almost all metacognition is wasted energy/drag, and almost all behavioral discipline that is not unconscious breaks too often to be worth sticking to. If you’re in an explosive phase of sales meetings where you have to go meet important clients whenever and wherever the opportunity arises, sticking to a rigid gym schedule is a liability.

* Never underestimate the capacity of other people to let you down. ~Harry(Dexter) Morgan

* Some doors should stay shut, you open it , it’s too easy to walk through the second time. ~Dexter

* River chocolate that melts in your mouth. ~Vince Masuka

* We all have enough blame to share, eh, and even more problems to solve. so politics be damned. ~
Klaes Ashford

* All we did was buy ourselves more time. And that’s what we’re going to keep on doing. ~ James
Holden & Naomi Nagata

* You ever met anybody, you didn’t want to save? ~ Miller.

* Just because someone’s good to you, doesn’t mean you can trust them. ~ Amos Burton

* Climb, jump whatever, just get in the hole. Go on, it won’t hurt you. ~ Miller

* Civilization has a lag time, like light decay. ~ Adolphus Murtry

* “I was cursed with an inability to create,” I said. “Maybe that’s part of being built as a warrior, with only the necessary parts. But I could never draw. Tried a bunch of things, but I never found that talent. I don’t… I’m trying to sum up this one thought, but I feel like I’ll keep getting off track if I try to explain it. I don’t really know, but if there’s any ability for an artist to be able to tell this sort of thing through their work, I really want you to be able to look at this and see it as it was supposed to be, and know that you saved me. That-” ~Blake Thorburn

* I’m your family,” Rose’s dad said.“You’re my relative. You’re far from being my family,” Rose said.

* “Not to mention, extending your analogy,” I said, “The ship is liable to be a total asshole. You don’t want to take responsibility for an asshole you don’t know.”

* What did it say that that bothered me? I wanted to be responsible for them. I wanted to have that tie to people I cared about.

* Jesus. I could feel the atmosphere in the room change. I’d dealt with demons, I’d dealt with other monsters, and I’d done my time in the Drains. This was a different kind of creepy. The expressions didn’t change, nobody moved, but in the act of putting on poker faces, there was a collective sort of pause. A moment where nobody else in the room exchanged glances or moved, because a glance or a movement could potentially give it all away, confirming Rose was right.

* I felt anger boil up, with too many targets to name. Where other emotions were muddled, anger was a crystal clear feeling inside me.

* I think deep down inside, we all like things to be a little bit unfair in our favor.

* I didn’t wait for a response. My gut told me that if I tried to convince them, they’d argue.

* If you keep talking, I might be able to figure out something I shouldn’t. I may already have an inkling from what you just said. I don’t… I can’t convey how badly I want to figure out what’s going on. I feel like it’s a matter of life or death, a question of my existence. But I want to play fair with you more

* With nobody to argue against, they’d only be able to obey. Hopefully.

* It’s just who I am and where I come from. I didn’t want to be a part of this world. I was dragged into it. So far, the deck seems pretty damn stacked against me. I’ve had to give up an awful lot of the stuff I care a whole lot about.”

* Yeah. Because fairness is power and power is my road to awesome, and because I’m really really super duper grateful I didn’t become gargoyle food.”

* You can’t ignore history, or it repeats itself.

* But there were no good times. It was the reality of our existence, if I waited until things were calm and everything was right, I’d never have a chance to speak frankly with Rose.

* Sometimes, in the right time or place, an idea can become a spirit, and a spirit can become a god,” Molly said, in that ordinary voice that made me think of a Molly who’d never thought of gods outside of visiting church once a week.

* I don’t think much of humnanity as a whole but I believe in people. I think the same is true for everyone else.

* “Anyone that needs the spirits as an excuse to hold to their word is a pretty shitty person,” I said. “I don’t trust my instincts. What are yours? Is he a bigger monster than she is?”

* People never forgive. Not in my experience. They say they do, but they don’t. I’m not even sure forgiveness even really matters. ~ Benjamin

* Forgiveness is a mindset, synapses in your brain telling you to think differently about something that’s already happened. It’s amorphous, it’s not really out there. ~ Benjamin

* “When you set your mind to it, you’re remarkably good at getting people to hate you,” Gordon said. (Twig)

* We shake things up, see what happens,” I said. “What moves, what doesn’t, what doesn’t move like it should. We pay attention to what comes next, and we might get clues. I just happened to draw everyone’s attention, and whoever was paying attention to you lot is paying extra special attention to me now. I’m betting they’re confused.” ~ Sy(Twig)

* “I figured if I had a few choice attacks I could fire his way, I could position myself better. I don’t want to be at the very bottom of any pecking orders.” ~Sy(Twig)

* The best way to lie was to believe the lie. Not that I was lying, but the idea connected to the next.The best way to surprise someone was to be surprised as well. ~ Sy(Twig)

* But that’s not where I hit her. It’s called dissonance. You believe one thing deeply enough that it’s central to your identity. Then something, me, steps in to challenge that belief. It’s a hell of a leap of faith to go from believing something and understanding how much of the world works, to saying ‘I don’t know’. Some deny, and you can get stupid-as-hell behaviors from those who see something plain as day but deny it because it conflicts with something they believe. Some get angry, some distract themselves until they can figure out how to deal with it… but very few will turn around and throw themselves headlong into more questions. More dissonance. ~ Sy(Twig)

* Humans as a species were like a collection of bugs in a box. Left alone, it was hard to predict how they’d move, or the patterns that would form.

* Shake the box, and it generated chaos. Maddened, they would seek to escape, butting their heads against barriers. They would turn on their closest neighbors and strike out. Even seek to kill. In their frenzied movements, they were very predictable. ~ Sy(Twig)

4* Sometimes, you want something to work so bad, you’ll do anything you end up making the other person the prisoner of your hope for the relationship. and because you’re fighting so hard for it, it feels like you’re the hero and the other person is wrong. Mostly you’re just not letting the other person do things at their own pace.~ Queering(S02E06)

* “I’m not being grumpy! I think it’s dumb that we keep getting held back because of arbitrary stuff and secrecy. ~ Sy(Twig)

* The Lambs aren’t like Dog and Catcher,” Hayle said. “They are, I should stress, much better equipped to solve problems that brute force won’t answer.” ~ Sy(Twig)

* More how Gordon operated, really. My modus operandi was to put people off balance, see where they were most vulnerable, and push to topple them. Gordon was almost doing the opposite here. Reaffirming the rules and the social order. ~ (Twig)

* I always focused my thoughts best when I had something to occupy the rest of my attention. ~ Sy(Twig)

* I was learning little tidbits about Mary, and one was that she didn’t like to fail. This was where we differed. She valued the execution, while I liked getting a reaction out of people, even if it was in an indirect way, through some lesson I’d given Jamie. When her execution wasn’t enough, she got cranky. Same as I did, when I failed to budge people. ~ Sy(Twig)

* He was good at whatever he set his mind to, a step behind me in assessing people, a step behind Jamie in memory, and he had a lot of other talents besides. More than any one of us, he had everything it took to thrive if separated from the group. The lynchpin that would hold us together. Girls liked him, guys respected him.And this, that he got to be at the center of this chaos, the stone that set the ripples in motion, this was what made me jealous of him for the first time. ~ (Twig)

* Jamie had told me that I’d built my personality and means of dealing with people by copying and studying the adults around me. It had been a necessary thing, a scrabbling for control when I’d been subjected to appointment after appointment, the space between filled with every imaginable form of testing, for sanity, for memory, for competence of all stripes ~ (Twig)

* “I don’t like not being sure. Not about day to day stuff. But about my head. Either I know something, or I don’t. ~ Jamie(Twig)

* One of the tests, however, was one that involved all of us, probably because Hayle liked it, and because he was interested in how we functioned as a group. Each of us were given a set of choices to make, selfish and kind. He mixed it up, added new rules, and organized us into teams, pitting us against regular students. The dilemma was simple, usually. If both parties were kind, both received a minor benefit. If both were selfish, both were punished. If one was kind and the other selfish, the selfish one was rewarded, the kind one punished. ~ Twig

* Sometimes we’d played and we’d been allowed to communicate. Sometimes we’d been silenced and forced to communicate through decisions alone. ~ Sy(Twig)

* Sometimes people found a kind of uneasy peace with that kind of power. If everyone had a gun, cocked and aimed at the next guy, nobody was willing to shoot. That went for prison muscle and voltaic spikes sticking out of people’s hands.This was a guy who hadn’t backed down or found that uneasy peace. He’d learned that when everyone else was hitting as hard as he was, he could still scare people by twisting the knife, maybe being a little crazy or a little scary. ~(Twig)

* I glanced up at him. I could see the hardness in his features, the look in his eyes beyond the simple anger on the surface. A kind of hopelessness that went beyond simply being a monster. ~Sy(Twig)

* In reality, though, it was easier and safer for him on a mental and emotional level to hold to his old ideas, that death was certain. To hold onto those ideas, he had to doubt me. ~ Sy(Twig)

* “I’m talking about the other kind of pain. Being slowly and surely twisted for the agenda of others.” ~ Twig

* In a confidence game, one of the first things to do was to create a sense of urgency. The second thing to do was to put the other party off balance. Clever men who made their illicit living manipulating others didn’t tend to do it while keeping their targets clear headed and focused. ~ (Sy)Twig

* People who’d had to fight for power so often set everything but their work aside, even decency and kindness. ~ Twig

* Who knew that I was telling a half truth. Or, more correctly, I was telling half of the truth. ~Twig

* I had allowed the Academy to poison my brain once again, with my body suffering as a side effect, and I’d done it because I’d missed being sharp. ~Twig

* “It’s weird when you do that. Pick up a thread of conversation that we dropped a while back.” ~Twig

* “She wants the excitement. She wants to have a brain that works differently than most, and she wants to test it. She’s been running for so long, she’s getting bored.” ~Jamie(Twig)

* “Serial killers do it. They develop a pattern, based on who they are and how they function. They test the limits, they get away with it, but as humans, we all have a drive to be appreciated and recognized. We need stimulus. I doubt Fray is going to sit down and read a book any more than you are. She’s looking to us to satisfy a desire.” ~Jamie(Twig)

* Win-win. I wasn’t going to get so hungry for details on her that I let my guard down. Better to compose myself, think everything through, and catch my breath after all the running. ~Sy(Twig)

* “At the age of six, we believe, children start to break away from their parents. Before six, we’re a sum total of our environments and our biology. After six, we start to step away from that. I wondered a great deal about whether being dosed would play into that, and which direction it would go. It’s very exciting to meet you, after so much speculation. I’m going to be thinking about this meeting for a long time.” ~Fray(Twig)

* “Every conversation is an attack, in a way. Everyone wants something, even if it’s to be understood or paid attention to. To do that, we attack the other person, predict them, identify where they’re coming from, where they stand, and where they want to go. Done well, it’s a dance. Those are the best conversations.” ~Sy(Twig)

* I think this is the side of you that acts smart, planning, smiling and acting nice, handling all of the day to day tasks. But unless the head you stole away with ended up being very nasty, I think there’s a bloodthirsty part of Genevieve Fray you’re only barely holding back, a dangerous, barbaric side. ~Sy(Twig)

* No. Ugliness. A savage brute of a man who swings his weapon recklessly and unpredictably can be a worse enemy for a trained fighter than another trained combatant. ~Fray(Twig)

* He wants to discover a better brain. That brain will help uncover something even better, and so on down the line. I believe in what humanity can accomplish, and I believe that there is an answer. ~Sy(Twig)

* Money made the world turn. Blood and sweat drove the world’s engines, but money bought blood and sweat. ~Sy(Twig)

* “Put a drop of alcohol on a scorpion’s back, and it stings itself to death,” Mary said ~Twig

* Hit them with too many things they would want to ask questions about, all at once, leave them reeling. Even if they pick apart the argument, the message underlying it all still penetrates. ~ Sy(Twig)

* Conventional wisdom was that a lie was best kept simple. Less conventional wisdom was that a lie could be trumped by a more complex one. ~Sy(Twig)

* “Can’t help someone until they want to be helped,” Fray said. “For now, I’ll give you the support you need, Warren…” ~Twig

* Typical. Person in power, so used to having his way, he can’t conceive of a world where things don’t go the way he wants them to. ~Sy(Twig)

* Stagnation was the worst thing, and change was something thrilling. ~Sy(Twig)

* Negative emotions can still be positive experiences. It’s what you do with them that counts. ~Mille-Feuille(Questionable Content)

* He was the most mature and independent of us, he was the one who felt his mortality, and apparently that outweighed his loyalty to us. ~ Twig

* What if it’s not other people’s crap? What if it’s my crap? I didn’t have any friends before. I
still don’t have any friends. May be I’m just doomed to be this terrible misanthrope who never
lets themselves be happy. ~ Dispatches from elsewhere

* The thing about crap is trying to hide it doesn’t really do you much good. Because it stinks. ~ Dispatches from elsewhere

* “The startling thing is how often the founders themselves don’t know. Half the founders I talk to don’t know whether they’re default alive or default dead.”, Paul Graham

* “When people had babies, I congratulated them enthusiastically, because that seemed to be what one did. But I didn’t feel it at all. ‘Better you than me,’ I was thinking.”,

* “People who are powerful but uncharismatic will tend to be disliked. Their power makes them a target for criticism that they don’t have the charisma to disarm.”,

* “I spent years puzzling about haters. What are they, and where do they come from? Then one day it dawned on me. Haters are just fanboys with the sign switched.”

* You found the right answer, but didn’t ask the right question.. ~ Zellin(Dr.Who)

* That skiff driver was free to put whatever he liked into his body–wa all are.– until that freedom puts others at risk. And then we act accordingly. ~ Drummer (The Expanse)

* You’re the patron saint of lost causes, kid. Quit running from it. ~ Miller (The Expanse)

* It was only after observing the full possibilities for my real gender that I could manifest it physically in the universe. Trans people experience Schrödinger’s Gender. ~ Dr. Emmy Zje

* I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am.
* I know that I am not a category.
* I am not a thing — a noun.
* I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe. —R. Buckminster Fuller


* you literally shouldn’t have to read people your history book for them to understand ~  (someone on reddit)