Weirdness bollywood/tollywood/kollywood movie romances

It’s odd that all it takes is to stop watching movies for say 4-5 years of watching mainstream cinema (or for that matter random TV songs and channels) and come back to them to realize

how silly the idea of someone stalking the woman.. and then the woman falling in love with them and then singing, running around trees is..


And yet, that’s exactly what the teenagers grow up learning is love. May be i’ve become too old, but I really wonder what  so-called “market forces” led us to here.

I have trouble comprehending the market forces (well atleast if i assume less power for the parents to control which movies their kids see*).

So anyone connected to any of the movie-making industries in India, please enlighten me.
How does a story that has a romance as bland as “stalking-angry girl-persisting-maybe a fight-eventually fall in love” storyline gets picked?. Is it just a question of hero-vs-producer-preferences-vs-desperate-writers combo?

I feel like there’s a good chance of disrupting the industry, (I do see some interesting plots in the Tamil Movie Scene, but I’m biased and do see dull stories there too.)


* — which might be a reasonable assumption with TV cable costs going down.

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